Integrity may mean something different to everyone. To us, it is the sense of wholeness felt when living an honest life and upholding strong moral principles. The foundation of our organization is built on the principle of authenticity. All of our people pride themselves in the accuracy and truthfulness of their actions. It shows.


Most people consider their job a revenue stream to fund their passions. Our people wake up everyday with a smile on their faces knowing they get to do what they love to do for 8 hours and get paid for it. We aim to inspire you to do what you love to do, by doing what we love to do.


Creativity is the phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is formed. The feeling of creating artwork that is used by people so that their voice can be heard is unparalleled. If our wearable art puts a smile on someone’s face every day, we have successfully made the world a better place.


Bugatti is renowned for the outstanding quality of their automobiles. The knowledge and skill of their team has led them to world wide success. Each and every component on the 1001 hp Veyron is hand assembled with the utmost care and probably a whole lot of love (and blood, sweat, tears). Everyday, Z!NK puts the same level of care and love into our trade.


The prosperity and growth of the communities we serve is paramount. We are constantly building strong, long-lasting business-to-business relationships to ensure a healthy future for all people. The more we grow, the more impact we will have on ending homelessness and creating jobs for those that need them most.